Quality & Environmental Management System

Quality & Environmental Management System

SMC (Thailand) Ltd. has been certified to international standard for Quality Management System ISO 9001 to assure that all service provided will meet the customer requirements and ISO 9001 requirements and our factory has been certified to environmental management system ISO 14001 to assure that the operations provided the aware of corporate social and environmental responsibility and meet the ISO 14001 requirements.

Certificate of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015


We also concentrate in delivery standard service to response your need as following;

  1. Delivery within 3 working days for existing stock goods in Thailand.
  2. Delivery within 5 working days for tailored made goods at local production.
  3. Delivery within 10 working days for existing stock goods in Japan.
  4. Delivery within 2-3 weeks for imported goods via air freight.
  5. Delivery within 6-8 weeks for imported goods via sea freight.

Should you have further inquiry, please contact our sales engineer
at Tel. 0-2019-5656 Fax.0-2501-1372.


Quality Policy
SMC moves forward, bringing together the wisdom of all its with the mottos of customer first and Quality first and contributes to the development of the world.

1. Customer First
Quickly responds to customer requests and provides high quality products and services to meet customer expectations.
2. Upstream Control
Identifies issues at an early stage, repeatedly conducts “Why analysis” to trace issues back to the root causes and greatly improve issues for the establishment of a quality assurance system.
3. Full Participation
It’s aware of their own responsibility and implements quality improvement activities with the participation of all employees to achieve the quality demanded by customers.
4. Plan Initiative
Each employee commits to prioritizing quality and reliably follows the plan-do-check cycle.
5. Human Resources Development
Managers’ level must plan the human resources development in their responsibility to monitoring, evaluation, improvement in period and report to the Management on a quarterly basis.
To achieve these quality policies, SMC establishes, maintains and continues to improve the Quality Management System to allow all related SMC employees in the world to operate.

Environmental Policy
SMC (Thailand) Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic equipments that focuses on manufacturing products and service with quality. At the same time to aware corporate social and environmental responsibility by apply the standard of the environmental management system ISO 14001 in accordance with the business operations of the organization to be known and abide by all employees as well as publicize to appear under the following intentions

1. Compliance with the law and other requirements including the requirements of the interested parties in the environment that is related to the company's activities strictly.
2. Control and prevent environmental pollution problems and reduce the occurrence of waste caused by the company's activities, products and services throughout the life cycle.
3. Prevent accidents, various accidents from the company's activities by planning and preparing for emergencies that may affect the environment.
4. Conservation of natural resources and energy by participation of all employees in order to have the utilization of value and the most effective.
5. Improve management and review various environmental action plans to continuously develop the environmental management system.