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SMCT P1-Introduction to practical pneumatic


  1. Properties of compressed air and its area of application
  2. Basic pneumatic system
  3. Compressed air theory
  4. Compressed air production, purification and distribution
  5. Construction and principle of operation of actuators and directional control valves
  6. Ancillary pneumatic equipment
  7. Symbols – ISO 1219 / 5599
  8. Reading / design of control schematics
  9. Practical exercises with troubleshooting

SMCT EP1-Introduction to practical electro-pneumatic

  1. Economical and technical aspects of electro-pneumatic systems
  2. Basic electric theory
  3. Construction and principle of operation of electro-pneumatic components
  4. Electrical symbols – DIN and ladder diagram
  5. Reading / design of control schematics
  6. Safety requirements

SMCT PLC1-Programmable logic controller

  1. Background of PLC development
  2. Structure of PLC
  3. Hardware configuration of PLC
  4. Key points to know when using a PLC
  5. Logic and sequence controls
  6. Ladder diagram programming
  7. Timer and counter applications
  8. Selection of PLC
  9. Practical exercises with troubleshooting

CAPs-Compressed air purification system

  1. Air cleaning system
  2. Selection of air dryer
  3. Name and functions of parts
  4. Compressor air system and refrigeration system
  5. Installation
  6. Piping and connection
  7. Operation principle
  8. Control parts and safety devices
  9. Periodically inspection
  10. General maintenance procedures
  11. Electrical wiring diagram

SMCT ES1-Energy saving

  1. Principle of Pneumatics System (SMC-P1). Theory of Basic Pneumatic for relation
  2. Pneumatics Innovations in Productivity Improvement
  3. Energy Saving
    • Principle of Energy usage calculation in plant
    • Key factors for improvement
    • Applications for improvement
    • Demonstration on Energy Saving's products selection
    • New Products Innovation
  4. Summarize

SMCT VT1-Industrial Vacuum technology

  1. Introduction to vacuum system and its area of application
  2. Vacuum theory
  3. Vacuum Pump and Vacuum Ejector System
  4. Peripheral vacuum components and their function
  5. Vacuum Ejector and vacuum Pad selection
  6. Complete vacuum system circuit design

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